A very un-rock’n’roll week

I know it’s got nothing to do with the world of rock, but that’s life at present.

5pm Tuesday, Wellington NZ
I’ve been on holiday in Wellington with my wife and 20 month old son, visiting family and friends. Today we went to visit Jon’s mum, where she fed us with yummy custard squares that she had bought from the Kilbirnie Pak’n’Save. Yum.

3pm Wednesday, Wellington NZ
I’m currently walking along the main road, past my old primary school in Ngaio, New Zealand. All the mums are parked along the road in their SUVs picking up their kiddies. We all used to walk home by ourselves when I was a student there in the late seventies. My parents house is up the top of a steep hill (past the Ngaio cotton fields), and I remember our next door neighbours used to refuse to pick me in there car, as they drove up the hill past me. It’s funny the things you remember.

3pm Friday, Wellington NZ
Just felt a bunch of earthquakes. I was changing my son’s nappy when the 6.6 one hit. Then I had to change my own.

We found out yesterday that there has been a problem with the plumbing in our house back in Melbourne, and raw sewage has come up through both our bathrooms and flooded our carpets and floor. Stink. We’re gonna have to stay at my wife’s parents when we get back. I foresee weeks of battling with insurance companies and builders. New job next Monday. Bum.


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